mercredi 23 novembre 2016

My favorite genre of music

Hello today I'll talk about my favorite genre  of music. Music  has always been an important thing in my life and also a trip in an other world. The music makes me filling happy and more efficient. I listen to it every where while stadying , walking and playing sport . My favorite genre of music is the French Rap .  This style of popular music was developed by disc jockeys and urban blacks in the late 1970s. My favorite artists are PNL who are two brothers Ademo and N.O.S but their real names are  Tarik and  Nabil Andrieu . I m a big fan of them. Their music is unbelievably good and the lyrics are awesome … for me their best music is onizuka .
 here's a link of their music :

mercredi 28 septembre 2016

My beautiful city ; Tangier

Hello everyone my name is Saad Ben abdellah , I'm sixteen  years old from tangier . I have one brother and one sister; both are younger than me. It's my first year at the high school. It’s more difficult and different than the previous years. Unfortunately I have a lot of hobbies that complicate my free time management, like for example tennis training needs at least two hours per day. I can't live without playing sport. Back to school again, I prefer all scientific subjects, it is sure linked with what I hope to be in the future: pilot, doctor or computer engineer. Finally let describe myself in three words, I'm sport man, smart and not serious

Living in tangier is a chance for me. Tangier has two seas , the weather is not too hot during the summer even if the wind is strong in most of the time this makes tangier a different city. The geographical location of tangier , has made it a target of rural exodus a realy bridge between Africa and Europe ; who attracts more and more of the the sub Saharan provisionally and waiing to immigrate to europe.

the increase in population in tangier , generated a lot of problems such a insecurity and crime . if there are points to imrove in tangier , i recommend to improving the urban infrastructure of the city to limit illegal construction , which remains a black spot in the city . so we need to develop more green areas to allow the city and its citizens to breathe .

vendredi 1 avril 2016

Can we live in a world without technology ?

  Hello dear reader, in this article I am going to talk to you about a deep question:  “can we live in a world without technology?”

  My answer is definitely a no, we can't live without technology and I am going to tell you why.

  First of all, technology is more for us a way to survive and not to live, our food and drinks wouldn't be the same without all the industries that work for it. Yes we can eat normally bio fruits and vegetables but we are too much to rely on such a low number of production. We need to stay healthy, it means we have to take vaccines as children and take medics in case we are sick. Without technology, I am sure that half of us would be dead. These are the main reasons we need technology. For some people, technology is useful for work, hobbies or to have fun like most of today's teenagers.

  I hope my explanation did convince you and thank you for reading it to the very end

Saad Benabdellah.