mercredi 28 septembre 2016

My beautiful city ; Tangier

Hello everyone my name is Saad Ben abdellah , I'm sixteen  years old from tangier . I have one brother and one sister; both are younger than me. It's my first year at the high school. It’s more difficult and different than the previous years. Unfortunately I have a lot of hobbies that complicate my free time management, like for example tennis training needs at least two hours per day. I can't live without playing sport. Back to school again, I prefer all scientific subjects, it is sure linked with what I hope to be in the future: pilot, doctor or computer engineer. Finally let describe myself in three words, I'm sport man, smart and not serious

Living in tangier is a chance for me. Tangier has two seas , the weather is not too hot during the summer even if the wind is strong in most of the time this makes tangier a different city. The geographical location of tangier , has made it a target of rural exodus a realy bridge between Africa and Europe ; who attracts more and more of the the sub Saharan provisionally and waiing to immigrate to europe.

the increase in population in tangier , generated a lot of problems such a insecurity and crime . if there are points to imrove in tangier , i recommend to improving the urban infrastructure of the city to limit illegal construction , which remains a black spot in the city . so we need to develop more green areas to allow the city and its citizens to breathe .